The 3D S.UN.COP (Seminar and Training on Scaling Uncertainty and 3D Coupled Code Calculations in Nuclear Technology)
will be substituted by SUNBEAM (Seminar on UNcertainty and Best Estimate Analysis Methods).

We are setting up the new course's program and the related website.


Objective of the Seminar/Training   

  • - Describe the Role and Features of System Thermal-Hydraulic codes in Reactor Safety Analysis
    • - Knowledge of the Experimental Campaign in System Thermal-Hydraulics
    • - Understanding the Code V&V Process
    • - Understanding of  Scaling Analysis
    • - Understanding of User Effects and How to Reduce them
    • - Use of Procedures for Qualifying System Thermal-Hydraulic Calculations
    • - Discuss Sensitivity and Uncertainty Methods for Reactor Safety Analysis
    • - Demonstrate a technical understanding of Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty Evaluation in System Code Applications
    • - Recognize the Relevant Topics in Best Estimate Licensing Approach
    • - Demonstrate a technical understanding of System-Thermal-Hydraulics/3D Neutron Kinetics Coupled Analysis
    • - Identify Factors impacting BWR Stability and how to perform Stability Analysis
    • - Review of the General Aspects and Procedures of Industrial Applications of Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty Methodologies,
        including Vendors’ Applications and Sample Results
    • - Review of the basics concepts of the Interactions of Thermal-Hydraulics with Fuel behaviour, Structural Mechanics and
        Computational - Fluid Dynamics
    • - Understanding the Foundation Bases of the Statistical Methods
    • - Use of computational tools like RELAP5, CATHARE, CATHENA, TRACG, PARCS, STARCCM+
        (based on number of participants registered – minimum 5 participants)
    • - Understanding  of development of RELAP5 input nodalizations for a Small Break and Large Break Loss-Of-Coolant-Accidents in
        Integral Test Facilities
    • - Understanding of  development of a Kv Scaled Calculation of a Nuclear Power Plant
    • - Qualification of a Code User