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System Thermal-Hydraulics (SYS-TH) Codes, also as part of the Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty (BEPU) approaches, are expected to achieve a more-and-more relevant role in Water Cooled Nuclear Reactor Technology, Safety and Design. Namely, the number of Code-Users can easily be predicted to increase in the Countries where Nuclear Technology is exploited. Thus, the idea of establishing a forum and a network among the code-developers and with possible extension to code users has started to have major importance and value, i.e. FONESYS (Forum & Network of SYS-TH Codes in Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics).

The targets for FONESYS are:

· To promote the use of SYS-TH Codes and the application of the BEPU approaches.

· To establish acceptable and recognized procedures and thresholds for V&V.

· To create a common ground for discussing:

- envisaged improvements in various areas, including user-interface,

- the connection with other numerical tools, including CFD Codes.

Since the foundation of the Network, the following Organizations/Institutions participated in the FONESYS meetings: AREVA NP, CEA, EDF, IRSN, GRNSPG/UNIPI, GRS, BT, VTT, INL, ARN, AECL, GIDROPRESS, KAERI, KINS, KEPCO E&C, EN2T, PNU, SNPSDC, SPICRI ,LUT, CNL, UIUC , IFCEN-SYSU, EDF, US NRC, UJV-REZ, Texas A&M Univ.